Welcome to Stage Style, a multifunctional design studio, where crafting design that provides modern solutions to turn the visions of our clients into reality is our job.  We are here to help you express yourself in the most artsy and creative way

Stage Style has been excelling in the design world for over 14 years, providing innovative and cutting edge solutions every single time. Each project is unique for us, that is why we strive to design specifically for you, based on your needs and preferences without forgetting ergonomics and technical aesthetics, of course.

The CEO and Founder of Stage Style is Bagrat Divanyan.



In order to design anything at all you need creativity. In order to be an outclassing specialist at Stage Style, you need a lot of it. Our team has a creativity overdose that is contagious for all of our customers.


We value your time and thus provide an outclassing quality design services in a timely manner that will leave you with nothing other than pure satisfaction. Promptness along with excellence is our forte.

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And Furious

Fast can’t go without furious. We make the best out of this quality and have a team full of extremely passionate individuals ready to provide the most innovative solutions for all our customers.


Often, it's the smallest details that matters the most. See our some of feature.

Branding/Graphic Design

Your brand is what makes you stand out in the competition. Stage Style provides the most innovative solutions when it comes to brand identity. From a single logo concept to its realization and beyond, our talented graphic designers will take your entire branding under control.

Interior/Exterior Design

Whether you are moving into a new apartment, transferring to a new office or building your house from scratch, Stage Style offers design, in which creativity meets ergonomics in a unison. Trust our interior and exterior designers to create a space that will enhance your taste, convenience and modern trends.

TV Studio Design

Designing a Television Studio is half of the success of any show broadcasted. Stage Style has been providing professional approach to create various pavilions and amazing TV experience for over 14 years now.

Event Design

Every special occasion needs to be accompanied by a setting that matches the event. Grand openings, sport events, product launches and any other occasion can be professionally and creatively designed by Stage Style.

Furniture Design

Perfect atmosphere of any space requires equally perfect furniture. We at Stage Style do not only design the most modern looking and unique pieces of furniture, but also make them for you in our factory in a timely manner.

Stage Design

Stage Style is specialized in designing theatrical scenery that is able to impress the audience and engage them in the performances. Stage design is a key component for the success of any theatrical play with its ability to create the right atmosphere to capture the attention of all attendees.


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There is nothing better than having a group of creative minds who know all the ins and outs of the design industry. Our team is a combination of talented minds who spare no time or effort to provide state-of-the-art solutions to all of our clients.


We’re happy to satisfy your curiosity

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